No matter where you live, celebrations are a big deal, but each culture has its own unique traditions that commemorate this special occasion. These customs in Taiwan frequently center on community and the significance of bringing good fortune to each other’s households.

One of the most significant pre-wedding customs is the chuangmen, also referred to as doorway game. These games, which was occasionally be quite merciless, were used in the past to predict whether a household had prosper or not. They resemble a series of enjoyable assessments and are more enjoyable in modern times.

The bride and groom kneel before their wedding officiants during the zhongshan, another significant ceremony, to express their appreciation for their parents ‘ love and care for them. The officiants are asked to pray for the woman’s happiness and success in their new life up during this time.

Fireworks will be used to welcome the speed automobile when the bridal car pulls up to the couple’s house in an effort to ward off evil and indicate that the bride is nearby. A younger part of the couple’s home will be waiting for the bride outdoors with a red bridal tray and two sizable tangerines wrapped in red paper.

The groom’s asian wife family will give the bride a few lucky red envelopes, also known as lai see, filled with cash and jewelry as soon as she enters her parents ‘ home. This is a sign of their desire for the bride to lead an happy, prosperous, and happy marriage.